Upgrading the Air and Sea Ports

(ZIZ News) — The Minister responsible for Transport, the Hon. Ian “Patches” Liburd says major renovation work is needed at St. Kitts’ two main ports of entry.

During a meeting with staff of the St. Christopher Air and Sea Ports Authority (SCASPA) last week, Minister Liburd said he believes it is time to consider an expansion of the terminal at the Robert L. Bradshaw International Airport.

“I’m sure you would agree that at the airport, we have gone beyond our capacity and this is something the Chairman, the Board and management will have to consider seriously in terms of proposing the expansion to the terminal building for example,” he said.

“It was expanded I think in; rehabilitated in 1998 or somewhere thereabout but believe it or not, it was designed to accommodate 400 passengers for peak hour period and I think that the airport at this time has outgrown its capacity. So it’s time we look at expanding the Robert Llewellyn Bradshaw airport terminal building,” he added.

The minister said attention will be given to the sea port as well, particularly in terms of acquiring new equipment.

“We know for example at the bulk head, there is some undermining there and it is something we need to look at. We know as well in terms of equipment, that the board has made a decision as it relates to the current tug operations because we are at present hiring or leasing two tugs. We have no option but to lease another tug based on the requirements of our cruise ships that had a technical problem. But in due course, I’m sure the board will announce we are buying a new tug,” he said.

Minister Liburd commended the SCASPA Board of Directors for spearheading repair work on parts of the runway at the airport and revealed plans to upgrade the parking facility there as well.

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