Upgrading the Public Market

(ZIZ)– The Ministry of Culture is looking at ways to expand the services offered at the Basseterre Public Market.

Minister of Culture, the Hon. Marcella Liburd told ZIZ News that the concept is to upgrade the market into a type of mall.

She said, “You can still have your meats, fish, vegetable and so on but also you can get craft, you can have a food court as a part of it, you can get clothes whatever but the idea is to turn it into a mall.”

She said the building is historic so there are no plans to demolish it. However, they are considering expanding upwards.

“Think most of it is add on. That’s why I said this is phase one. So I don’t think there is anything to break down the existing structure as it is but how can you work with it to elevate it to a mall.”

She said the recent renovations at the Public Market are the first step in the overall revamp of the building.

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