Urgent Development Needed For Technical-Vocational Infrastructure

(ZIZ News) – The Chamber of Industry and Commerce believes there is an urgent need for the development of the national Technical and Vocational Educational infrastructure.

That’s the word from C.I.C. President, Damion Hobson.

“This is required in order to produce graduates from our technical schools with levels of certification and more importantly proficiencies which will enjoy international recognition,” Hobson noted. “The private sector wishes to ensure a level playing field exists with respect to competition for jobs for our young people both at home and abroad,” he said.

Hobson said the national educational facilities for vocational training and certification can establish advantageous opportunities for the youth.

“Our TVET education facilities have engines for the creation of opportunities for valuable self-employment careers for our youth. An urgent quantum leap, we believe, is necessary if the young people of our country are to benefit from the jobs that are already available here,” he said.

Hobson was at the time addressing the ILO-EU Workshop aimed at strengthening employer/employee relationships.

He told the gathering there is a need for dialogue between the social partners who are essential to the development of our small but promising island nations.

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