USC Recruitment

(ZIZ News) — A representative of the University of the Southern Caribbean is currently in the federation as part of the recruitment efforts of the Trinidad based university.

In speaking with ZIZ News, recruitment specialist ebony Burton outlined what programmes the university offers.

“We have degrees in associate’s degrees, undergraduate degrees and master’s degrees. We are just here to share some information about our university and the specific degrees that we offer. We have 5 sub departments currently at our university; the school of social sciences, the school of theology and religion, school of business and school of science and technology. We pride ourselves in holistic education. We don’t just prepare you for the world of work, we prepare you for life.”

The university was one of the institutions registered to participate in the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College’s career fair and open day held on march 10th.

Burton commended CFBC for its efforts to inform students about universities abroad, stating, “We applaud the efforts of the president and Ms. Daniel for this initiative they have taken on, to inform the students about the various educational systems that they are privy to. Not many colleges or secondary schools actually have college fairs so I do applaud the initiative and this just shows that they care for society and they want their students to be future leaders.”

Information about the University Of The Southern Caribbean can be found at:

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