Valu Mart Shoppers win thousands in Free Groceries and prizes

A Lucky winner of Free Groceries and Customer Appreciations Day Prizes

ZIZ News…Nov 23, 2012 — Thousands of dollars in Free Groceries and other prizes have been dished out just in the first 3 weeks of the Horsford’s Valu Mart Scratch and Win Spectacular Promotion. The promotion, which was launched on November 1st, gives all shoppers at the Valu Mart IGA stores on both islands, a chance to scratch and win from $5 up to $1000 in FREE GROCERIES. Over 100 customers have won free groceries in the promotion over the last 3 weeks since the launch. There were four $1000 and five $500 winners as well as scores of $5 to $250 winners.

Complimenting the first few weeks of the popular and much talked about Scratch and Win promotion was the Valu Mart IGA Customer Appreciation Days at both stores in St.Kitts and Nevis. The first was held on November 3rd at the Wellington Road Complex location and the second was held in Nevis on November 17th to coincide with that location’s 1st Anniversary. Both days were exceedingly successful with literally thousands of shoppers taking advantage of the opportunity to shop and win not only free groceries but also many prizes. Over 4000 customers shopped on both of the customer appreciation days . Everyone of the lucky shoppers in Nevis received a gift of some sort. From key rings to including cell phones, LED Flat Screen TV’s, Top-ups, Gift Certificates and more.

The Horsford’s Valu Mart Scratch and Win continues until January 31st 2013 at which time $80,000 in free groceries and thousands of dollars in other free gifts and prizes will be given away.

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