Vandalism Continues at ET Willet

Sports Page – Tuesday 18th June 2013–Long serving Grounds man at the ET Willet Park, Errol JABAL Tyson is not a happy trooper. On Sunday 16th June when he should have been enjoying his Fathers’ day celebrations, he was forced to deal with yet another act of vandalism at the ET Willet Park.

Tyson noted that the Park was properly secured on Saturday evening but when he returned early on Sunday morning, the delivery cock for a stand pipe on the premises had been removed.

He noted that a similar incident occurred sometime previously and the perpetrator/s had not only removed the delivery cock but had left the water running overnight.

He observed that he had reported the matter to the relevant authorities but is concerned that something needs to be done urgently, as the office at the Park was previously broken into and other sections of the main building as well.

Asked what would be his recommendation to deal with the matter, his answer was prompt: “We need security at the park,’ he said.

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