Vasheena Bolus to rep SKN in Miss Regal International Pageant 2016

(ZIZ) — Vasheena Bolus will be representing the Federation in The Inaugural Miss Regal International beauty contest, to be held in Antigua later this year.

Bolus, 22, is the Federation’s first representative and will be wearing The Miss Regal International St Kitts And Nevis sash at the pageant. She recently participated in the 2016 Miss Flow Black San’ Swimwear Pageant; where she placed second runner-up.

While speaking with ZIZ, the miss regal contestant explained how she had been preparing for the competition.

“Preparations have been going great so far. I’ve been improving my modelling skills, I know I’ve aced that part. My talent is pretty good as well so I’m going to do a great job. I’ve been working out so hard to keep that figure”, the Miss Regal contestant said.

Bolus said she looked forward to meeting the other contestants.

“I just want to go out, have fun, make my country proud and meet new people. I know it is not all about winning. I just want to go out meet new people and take part in the fun activities”, she explained.

She then went on to thank her many sponsors for their contributions.

“I would like to thank my mom; she is my number 1 supporter. Thank you to my chaperone Jackiema Flemming and Treasa Wyatt who is also my National Director and how could I forget my biggest sponsors, OTI, Mojitos, St. Kitts Nevis Tourism Authority and many others who also supported me”, Bolus added.

She added that she looked forward to meeting other contestants during her 27 day stay in Antigua.

Other confirmed participating countries are Thailand, New Zealand, South Sudan, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Namibia and Bahamas.

The Miss Regal International Pageant is slated for August 13, 2016.

Miss Regal International St Kitts And Nevis Vasheena Bolus will leave the Federation for Antigua and Barbuda on July 18, 2016.

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