VAT consultations receives high praises

ZIZ News…May 11, 2010 – The recently held VAT national stakeholders’ consultation has received high praises from a Senior Tax Officer.

The consultation was held to update relevant stakeholders on the Value Added Tax and also allowed them to give their feedback on the document.

ZIZ News spoke with the Public Relations Officer of the Tax Reform Unit, Ms. Sonia Boddie, who described the consultation as informative.

She says she was mostly impressed with the Prime Minister’s address in which he outlined his government’s firm commitment to ensure the Value Added Tax has no adverse effect on any individual or business.

The Value Added Tax is scheduled to be implemented in November 2010.

Officials continue to use every opportunity to educate the public on the VAT. The most recent was a meet and greet on Fort Street on Friday where members of the Tax Reform Unit passed on copies of the VAT White Paper and explained how it worked to interested parties.

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