Vector Control Workshop

(ZIZ NEWS) — The second workshop to “Develop a Regional Network On Research And Control Of Emerging Vector-Borne Diseases in the Caribbean” is currently being held at the Marriott Resort.

Vectors are disease-carrying organisms such as the aedes aegypti mosquito or mice.

Addressing the workshop, Director of the Surveillance, Disease Prevention and Control at the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA), Dr. Joy St. John made the appeal to the participants to engage in strategic conversation in the approach to vector control.

She said, “The neurological sequela of zika has caused a declaration by W.H.O of a public health emergency of public concern and there is recent news of an outbreak of yellow fever in Africa. Apart from yellow fever no vaccine has been developed and no specific treatment exists for the vector-borne diseases that are around us. So ladies and gentlemen this is all about how we manage and approach the mosquito.”

Dr. Karen Polson-Edwards, Assistant Director Surveillance Disease Prevention and Control said it is necessary for every person to do their part in vector control.

“Until this is up and running, even while it is up and running, individuals have a responsibility communities have a responsibility, the government has a responsibility in terms of control and prevention of vector borne diseases so householders and communities are encouraged to get rid of mosquito breeding in and around your homes so that if we don’t have any mosquitoes we will not have these diseases,” she said.

The workshop is a culmination of a partnership between the CARPHA Trinidad And Tobago, Instituto De Medicina Tropical “Pedro Kouri” Cuba, Pasteur Institute of Guadeloupe And Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine St. Kitts And Nevis.

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