Water For Christmas

(ZIZ News) — Some good news for water consumers as there will be no water rationing for about two weeks.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, the Water Department announced it will be suspending water rationing from December 24 to January 3.

Acting Manager of the Water Services Department, Denison Paul, said it’s their way of saying thanks to customers.

“Our people bore a lot of inconvenience and they sacrificed. So it is not that the situation has improved significantly, but it is Christmas, it is Carnival, and the New Year is coming up. So this is our way of saying ‘Thank You’ and our way of apologizing for the inconvenience over the past several months,” Paul said, noting that for that period, the island should have water 24/7 but, there are some areas which may still experience water shortages.

He listed areas that are more vulnerable than others including the South-East Peninsular, St. Peter’s, Cayon, and West Basseterre.

However, Paul noted that “the areas between Sandy Point, all the way to Tabernacle/Mansion, there would be very little possibility that you’re gonna be inconvenienced. Your situation is a lot better than most of the island.”

Paul said the water rationing will resume on January 4 and it would take a very large amount of rainfall to restore the water reserves and put an end to water rationing.

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