Water Shortage continues in West Basseterre

(ZIZ News) — The Water Department says that West Basseterre is badly affected by the island’s current water shortage.

Acting Manager of the Water Services Department, Denison Paul said, this week, that West Basseterre follows Saddlers in being the worst affected areas. He said, in fact, the department has to make very tough decisions.

“We ration almost every night. From 10 o’clock till 5am at mornings people of West Basseterre usually have no water and this is going on for a while, again, because of the water concern,” he said.

Paul said the main water supplies in Franklands and Wingfield, which supply West Basseterre, are of grave concern therefore residents of West Basseterre must pay particular attention to how they use water.

“If the residents in West Basseterre, in particular, because this is West Basseterre we’re talking about, if they can only conserve water, you would have enough water for the people of West Basseterre. What do you do to conserve water? We want you to use water for only essential purposes,” he explained.

The essential purposes highlighted by Paul include taking short showers, not using a hose to wash vehicles, not irrigating grass, and avoid washing very small loads of clothing.

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