Weather System To Affect The Federation This Weekend

Basseterre, St. Kitts, 19th August 2023 (ZIZ Newsroom): The St. Kitts Meteorological Office is monitoring 3 weather systems that are headed for the Caribbean over the coming days.

Senior Met Officer, Elmo Burke told ZIZ News that one such system is expected to impact the federation early next week.

He said there’s no need for alarm but we may experience a significant change in the weather.

“At the moment it has a low chance of development,” he said.  “However, because of the projected path, in terms
of development, any potential development brings it in our vicinity by early next week. We are going to be monitoring that one closely. From that, we are anticipating elevated chances of shower activity and thunderstorm activity. Some of these showers, based on what we are seeing, potentially could be moderate to heavy at times
and again may be accompanied by thunderstorms. So we are going to be monitoring it to determine whether or not any actions need to be taken.”

He said the other two storms are further away and while they have a greater chance for development they are less likely to impact the federation.

“Currently, based on the model projections, they are not expected to impact us,” he said. “However, because weather is dynamic, anything can change. And as such, we, as a met service, it is our responsibility to monitor them until they are safely away from us and no threat to us.”

Acting Deputy National Disaster Coordinator, Oureika Lennon-Petty said while there is no need to panic she did warn of the potential impacts the expected heavy rains could have.

“In terms of the heavy rainfall that Mr. Burke would have mentioned, we have the potential for
Sunday, Monday. We encourage persons, of course, in the areas that are known for landslides, rockfalls, flooding, and flash flooding, to exercise extra caution when traversing these areas. In terms of the ghauts, if the ghauts are running, you know, we encourage persons not to try and cross them, not to drive in ghauts that are flowing, because
you never know what may happen. It can result in the loss of life and we do not want that.

Mr. Burke said the closest weather disturbance is expected to impact St. Kitts and Nevis by late Sunday into early Monday morning

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