What’s Cooking…this Saturday and Sunday

Food is such an important part of our lives. It not only fuels our bodies, it heals, gives us meaning and provokes change. THIS SATURDAY AND SUNDAY, the Children’s Dance Theatre (CDT) will be hosting a culinary carbaret that encapsulates the complex relationship we have with food.

The Sir Cecil Jacobs Auditorium will be transformed into a culinary cabaret with tantalizing new pieces by over one hundred dancers. The Theatre’s three groups, Sparks, Starlights and Rockets will also be joined by CDT alumni and the Fireflies Dance School who are also eager to serve up a sumptuous treat. Combined, these masterful creations are sure to dazzle and inspire the palate as well as eyes so be sure to find a seat at the table and find out ‘What’s Cooking’.

Sponsors for CDT’s 2019 recital include Uncle Fat’s, The Cable, Money Gram, Island Flavours, Peardrella, Ting, Soul Sound Entertainment, Ocean’s Edge Resort and BOA. The support from these corporate entities will ensure another spectacular presentation of rhythmically explosive dances and dazzling costumes.

Tickets are currently available at Morton’s Supermarket and both locations of Harper’s Office Depot. According to a spokesperson for the Theatre, there are now just a few remaining.

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