When would statutory corporation workers become pensionable PM?

Prime Minister, the Honourable Dr Denzil Douglas

ZIZ News…February 18, 2010 – The Prime Minister has finally spoken on the matter relating to statutory body workers and when they would be made pensionable compared to those who are direct civil servants.

Regarding the issue, Dr Denzil Douglas on his weekly radio programme ‘Ask the Prime Minister’ said, “It is time to stop negotiating and start acting” adding that “The time for talking is over!”.

He says as a government they have been continuously insisting that the different board of directors of the respective corporations implement the necessary packages, to ensure the appropriate pension benefit for their workers.

Dr Douglas addressed his radio audience citing, “We have been saying, put in place a pension package for the people! We know that in certain statutory corporations there have been ongoing discussions and negotiations with regards to this! The time for talking is over! People need to know they are secured in their jobs! There are appropriate retirement benefits that they can enjoy at the time of their retirement. If it’s going to be a contributory pension arrangement, for God’s sake put it in place! Let the necessary explanation be brought to the people! Let them choose and let them decide exactly what they would want, but you have a right and an obligation. It is time that we really stop the negotiation and discussion. And get it done!”

The Honourable Dr Denzil Douglas says he hopes that the various stakeholders and board members of the statutory corporations take the necessary and appropriate action.

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