WICB announces cheap ticket prices for Caribbean T20

St John’s Antigua – Fans will not have to dig deeply into their pockets to enjoy the action at the Caribbean Twenty20 matches in Antigua and Barbados.

The West Indies Cricket Board has announced that ticket prices will be minimal with tickets for all matches in Antigua costing a mere EC$10.

Tickets for all preliminary matches and the semi-finals in Barbados will cost BD$10. Tickets for the final on Sunday January 23rd at Kensington Oval will be just BD$15.

“These are still challenging financial times for many fans and we don’t want to deprive them of the enjoyment and action of Caribbean T20 so we have taken a conscious decision to keep the ticket prices very attractive,” WICB Event Manager Cindy McLean said.

“With these prices we expect to see the fans turn out in large numbers and entire families coming to the games to take in all the fast paced adrenaline rush that is Caribbean Twenty20,” Mrs McLean added.

“And we are going to have in stand entertainment with many surprises performances which will keep fans energised and entertained from the time they arrive at the venue to the time they leave,” Mrs McLean revealed.

Party Stand tickets in Antigua will cost EC$50.

For the preliminary matches in Barbados the Party Stand tickets will be BD$20 and BD$50 for the final.

Tickets will go on sale in Antigua on January 4th and on December 17th in Barbados at the Barbados Cricket Association office at Kensington Oval.

The WICB has made a minor change in the schedule with the Barbados v Trinidad & Tobago match shifted to Friday January 21st and Barbados v Canada match set to take place on Wednesday January 19th.

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