WICB statement on support for ICC key principles

St John’s, Antigua – Having recognized that the proposal presented to the January 9th 2014 Board Meeting of the International Cricket Council was in draft format, the West Indies Cricket Board reserved public comment on the issue until it was able to engage in discussions with fellow Full Members and receive a more detailed and thorough presentation at the on-going ICC meeting.

Having had the benefit of those discussions along with the completion of the first day of the ICC Board Meeting in Dubai the WICB issues the following statement with regard to its support of the ICC key principles.

After extensive discussions and careful consideration the West Indies Cricket Board joined with all other Full Members of the International Cricket Council in providing support for key principles relating to the future structure, governance and financial models of the ICC.

(Attached is the full ICC media release following the conclusion of the first day of the ICC Board Meeting in Dubai.)

The following are specific areas of the key principles relevant to West Indies Cricket:


ICC key principle: “All Members to play all formats of cricket (Test, ODI & T20I) on merit, with participation based on meritocracy; no immunity to any country, and no change to membership status.“

Relevant details specific to West Indies Cricket:

  • West Indies is in no imminent danger of losing Test status or being relegated. Relegation will only affect the 9th and 10th placed teams.
  • The West Indies Men’s Team currently holds the 7th ranked position in Tests, 8th in ODIs and 5th in T20Is. The West Indies is the reigning ICC World T20 Champions.

Current ICC Test Rankings

1.    South Africa (133 points)

2.    India (117 points)

3.    Australia (111 points)

4.    England (107 points)

5.    Pakistan (100 points)

6.    Sri Lanka (90 points)

7.    West Indies (87 points)

8.    New Zealand (82 points)

9.    Zimbabwe (34 points)

10. Bangladesh (18 points

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