Will local league end on Sunday?

FootballFilePhotoHSports Page — The question is: Will the exciting local football League End on This Coming Sunday—16th February?

The SL Horsfords Highlights team certainly thinks so, as they have already won in the first of the best of three finals over CCC Bath United with a score line of 2 goals to nil.

CCC Bath United on the other hand is promising that there will definitely be a game three.

‘Take it easy,’ were the softly spoken words of Manager/Coach Alex Claxton. He is convinced that his team will not only come back to win game two but will win the trophy as well.

The fans will surely be showing up in their numbers on Sunday 16th February because whatever transpires on the big night, suggests that there will be much excitement at the ET Willet Park.

The games scheduled for Sunday 16th:

Allstars vs SSG Strikers at 6 pm
CCC Bath vs SL H Highlights at 8 pm

Highlights say it’s over, Bath say not a chance
What would it be

Come to the ETW Park to find out. Big up your teams with your ORANGE AND GREEN Wear

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