Winners Announced in First Ever Hanley’s Road Tournament

The winners in the first ever fishing tournament held in the Hanley’s Road community on Monday 5th May, have been announced.

Mackay Moore
Mackay Moore

The event was very well supported and chief organizer, Mackay Moore has indicated that an official prize giving ceremony will be held at the Hanley’s Road community center, in the not too distant future.

The winners in the various categories are:

Least amount of fish—18 pounds—FAITH—Shuric Merchant. They also caught 61 pounds of king fish and an eight pound barracuda which were not eligible for weighing

Size/biggest fish

3rd place —22.5 inches—COME –C— Lauren NANEE James

2nd place—23 inches—Stedroy GARGU Pemberton

1st place—25 inches—MAUDE- Nigel SLAMMER Simmonds


Number of fish

3rd place—75—ENDEAVOUR—Steve Claxton

2nd—99 fish—COME –C- Lauren NANEE James

1st place—110 fish-MAUDE— Nigel SLAMMER Simmonds


3rd place—53 pounds—ZENIAH—Raymond TUBBY Hobson

2nd place—72 pounds— Lauren NANEE James

1st place—86 pounds—MAUDE- Nigel SLAMMER Simmonds

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