Work On Mansion Bay Rehabilitation Project Progressing Smoothly

Basseterre, St. Kitts, August 31, 2020 (ZIZ News):
By: Chaïra Flanders

Officials say work is progressing smoothly on the ongoing, Mansion Bay Rehabilitation Project.

ZIZ caught up with Project Manager of the Mansion Bay Rehabilitation Project, Wayne “Cutchie” Clarke, who is also President of the Friends and Family of Mansion and Christ Church group to give an update on the ongoing work.

He said that the project is nearing its final phase and shared some of the changes that have been made at the site since ZIZ last visited in March of this year.

“We are just finishing the final stages of laying the sand on the beach and we are moving back up into the project site so after we finish laying the sand in this area, we are going to tackle the area of putting in the recreational areas. One of the spaces that we have allocated is the space for volleyball because we want to be able to have a standard here in these communities where we have proper beach volleyball facilities [so] that in the future we can endorse or partner with other companies that we can do professional beach volleyball competitions here”, he said.

The Mansion Bay Project Manager said there will also be a specially designed area for children.

“We also have an area for the Kiddies section so we are going to build a play structure out of wood, so it probably would be like swings and monkey bar stuff if parents want to just come down on the site and not go in the pool or if parents want to go in the pool we can have that versatility of the site”, he explained.

The reconstruction of the Bay has transformed into a large saltwater pool located on the Atlantic side of the island.

As part of the transformation, a designated parking lot and a restaurant with vending booths will also be added. Fruit and palm trees have since been planted.
He said the Friends and Family of Mansion and Christ Church group is working to get restrooms installed to accommodate the many people who now visit the beach to attend recreation events.
Clarke reminded that the Friends and Family of Mansion and Christ Church group has been working to reconstruct many of the areas in their community that were well known for leisure activity since 2015.
He also used the opportunity to thank the GEF-Small Grants program for assisting and providing the funding.

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