World Food Day Week of Activities Scheduled for Next Week

ZIZ News (Chaïra Flanders) — Preparations are currently underway for the hosting of the World Food Day Week of Activities next week.

During a brief interview with ZIZ on Friday, Chairman of the COVID-19 Agricultural Stimulus Relief Fund Programme Marketing Committee, Craig Tuckett spoke about some of the activities that will kick off the week activities starting this weekend.

“On Saturday, we begin promptly with a national address that will be delivered by the Hon. Alexis Jeffers who is the Minister of Agriculture et al and then on Sunday we will be giving thanks to God at the Wesley Methodist Church promptly at 9 o’clock where all are invited to come on out and celebrate with the Ministry of Agriculture and all stakeholders to give God thanks for his many blessings especially during this time of COVID-19”, he said.

Activities to mark the observance will continue on Monday October 12 with a Seeds and Seedlings Handing Over Ceremony by the Republic of China (Taiwan) Technical Mission at the Department of Agriculture Conference Room, a ceremony to launch IICA Rabit Rearing Project on Tuesday October 13, the Reopening and Launch of the Bayford’s Livestock Centre and a Food Heroes Prize Giving Ceremony on Thursday October 15.

He explained why it is important to host these activities and celebrate World Food Day.

“We are celebrating these activities because as a nation we are a member of the United Nations and it is important for us as citizens and residents to be cognisant of the importance of Food Security, healthy choice lifestyle decisions as it relates to food choices and also buying local”, Tuckett noted.

World Food Day is celebrated annually on October 16. Mr. Tuckett explained that this year, there will be several events taking place on that day. He said all persons are expected to wear a specific colour next Friday.

“On the actual day of World Food Day that’s Friday the 16th October, we are going to have a lot of fun activities. We are going to have a Seafood Fest, we’re going to have the Public Farmers Market right there in town and of course we are going to be encouraging one and all to wear green because green is indeed associated with nature, with agriculture’, he expressed.

The World Food Day activities will wrap with a Health Walk to Brimstone Hill and back to the Sandy Point Public Market and Food Fair on Saturday October 17 and a Gospel Concert at the Zion Moravian Church on Sunday October 23.

This year’s World Food Day theme is, “Grow, Nourish, Sustain. Together Our Actions are Our Future”.

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