Xtreme J’ouvert Troupe Launched

(ZIZ News) — Xtreme Nation has kicked Carnival celebrations into high gear with Saturday’s launch of the Xtreme J’ouvert Troupe, at Wigley Avenue.

The event allowed persons to register and receive giveaways and it featured performances by soca artistes including Nicha B, Rankin Skeff, Piece-A-Man, Tanabal, and Pinocchio.

CEO of Xtreme Nation Ronnie “Ronnie Rascal” Davis told ZIZ News that this year the troupe is bringing “new ideas, new colours, new looks, a new style of taking to the road.”

“Every year we try to get a little better in whatever we do whther it’s just the bars being better stocked, the music becoming more enriched, more powerful, and a greater experience. Hence, we are using the theme ‘Xperience’ with an ‘X’ so it’s Xtreme Xperience 2015 J’ouvert,” he said.

The launch night wrapped up with a performance by the Small Axe Band who incorporated girls wearing the Xtreme J’ouvert Troupe costumes.

Xtreme and the other J’ouvert troupes will take to the streets on Saturday Dec 26…the same day as the National Talented Teen and Teenage Calypso Monarch Competition.

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