Young man found hanging from a tree in Dieppe Bay

ZIZ News…Feb 16 2011 – The Dieppe Bay community woke up this morning to the news that a young man was found hanging from a tree at Gibbons Bay.

According to a reliable source his name is Andy Mitchell better known as ‘Dick’ of Dieppe Bay and is known to be a very lively and popular individual.

The Police responded to the scene along with a medical doctor and the circumstances surrounding what led to the death of the young man is being investigated.

When the news spread a huge crowd gathered at the scene to get a look at the lifeless body of the young man said to be in his late twenties hanging from the tree.

Many persons expressed the view that the young man identified as Andy Mitchell is not known to be mentally ill and questioned what led to him being found hanging from the tree.

The police are carrying out investigations.

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