Young man from Cayon Village is the 15th homicide in 2010

Ammunition police found at the scene

ZIZ News…April 28, 2010 – A resident of Cayon was last evening shot and killed while on his way home. This was confirmed by the Police Press and Public Relations Officer, Inspector Vaughan Henderson.

The young man, identified as Elvis “Zunks” Roberts, was reportedly walking home from his mother’s house accompanied by his girlfriend and his young child, whom he is said to have been holding in his hand at the time.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that his girlfriend was also shot in her hand and taken to the hospital by the emergency unit. Other reports claimed that Roberts dropped his child after being pursued by his assailant (s) but was subsequently caught by one or more of the gun shots. He collapsed at a nearby yard where he was pronounced dead by the district medical doctor.

Police recovered a number of spent rounds from the scene and one live round which was reportedly left behind by the attacker (s).

Elvis’ family was clearly distraught upon seeing his body lifeless on the ground. His mother, who also has five other children, claimed she was the first to have identified her son after he was shot.

Elvis Robert’s death takes the number of homicides committed in St Kitts and Nevis to fifteen in less than five months. The most recent was the shooting of Edson “Warner” Jeffers who was shot and killed in Phillips’ Village.

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