Young Mechanical Engineer To Deliver Featured Address At The Prime Minister’s Independence Lecture Series

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts, September 04, 2020 (Press Unit in the Office of the Prime Minister) – A young mechanical engineer, Mr. Mark Pennyfeather, will be delivering the featured address at the annual Prime Minister’s Independence Lecture Series, as the Team Unity Government of St. Kitts and Nevis continues to provide a platform for young persons in the Federation to excel and showcase their talents and expertise.


The Prime Minister’s Lecture Series, which is one of the major highlights for the 37th Independence celebrations, will be delivered virtually this year in light of the social distancing protocols currently in place as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The event is scheduled for Wednesday, September 09, at 7:00pm.


Mr. Pennyfeather, who is currently the Assistant Manager at KDP Enterprises & Air Express Incorporated, met with Prime Minister Dr. the Honourable Timothy Harris earlier today (Friday, September 04), where the honourable prime minister commended him on being selected to speak at the auspicious event.


Mr. Pennyfeather said he is truly humbled to have been selected to deliver this year’s lecture at the highly anticipated annual event.


“I feel incredibly humbled. I don’t think an opportunity like this has been afforded to me before, and so I was quite nervous when I got the call about it. The topic means a lot to me – the theme of this year’s Independence celebrations – and I am very excited to try to present and articulate some of my thoughts on the topic,” Mr. Pennyfeather said.


The theme for this years’ 37th anniversary of Independence is, “Resilience, Innovation and Security for Independence 2020.”


He added, “I’m going to be speaking a lot about innovation and what it means for people, young people in particular, to pivot and shift their focus, and to help the country shift its focus and diversify our economy by utilizing the platforms that are available online.”


Mr. Pennyfeather said it is his hope that his presentation will help inspire and encourage young people “to put their best foot forward, so to speak, and to get more involved.”


In his discussions with Mr. Pennyfeather, Prime Minister Harris noted that his Team Unity administration is one that will continue to put the necessary mechanisms in place to help the nation’s youth succeed. In this regard, the prime minister highlighted the creation of the new Ministry of Entertainment, Entrepreneurship and Talent Development that will advance the government’s work to fulfil its mandate to promote and enhance opportunities for creatives.

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