Youth and Sports Department to host Relay Festival

In an effort to jump start the 2014 athletics season, the Youth and Sports Department in collaboration with the Education Department will host a relay festival on Friday 31st January at the ET Willet Park.

The meet which will feature athletes from the Primary and Secondary Schools from across the island, is set to commence at 3 pm.

The relay races will take place in the following categories:

Admission: $2 for primary and secondary students, $5 for adults


Male            Female                  Races

Under 9       Under 9       4*100m, 4*150m & 4*300m

Under 11     Under 11     4*100m, 4*200m & Medley-300+300+600+800m

Under 13     Under 13     4*100m, 4*200m & Medley-300+300+900+900m

Under 15     Under 15     4*100m, 4*200m & Medley-300+600+900+1200m

Under 17     Under 17     4*100m, 4*200m & Medley-300+600+900+1200m

Open            Open            4*100m, 4*200m & Medley-300+600+900+1200m

This meet will feature all of Nevis top athletes. All primary/secondary schools and clubs track stars will be involved.

Some of the featured athletes will be:
Sadiki Tyson                                   Renika Daniel
Izaun  Ward                                     Chloe Williams
Tah-j Liburd                                    Cileen Hendrickson
CarlonTuckett                                Kurvella Wallace
Zwena Jones

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