Youth Defend ZIZ

PatriceHarris-1(ZIZ)– Youth Minister of Telecommunications in the St. Kitts National Youth Parliament Association, Patrice Harris has defended ZIZ Broadcasting Corporation against allegations that the station is being used to further the Prime Minister’s agenda.

In a recent sitting of mock parliament, Harris outlined that local stations grant access to anyone who wish to air their views.

“Mr. Speaker, every day and every night anyone can call into any radio station and lambaste the Prime Minister without any repercussions. They are free to say as they please without our intervention and that is their right,” she explained.

Harris noted that ZIZ News also produces stories focusing on every political party in the federation.

“How many times from their parties are featured in the station’s newscast?” she asked. “What they’ve also omitted from the debate is the amount of events we’ve covered for them. What they’ve also omitted is that they themselves have refused to answer questions and conduct interviews with the same decorated organization that they’ve come here to chastise today.”

The sitting of the St. Kitts National Youth Parliament Association was held on Wednesday August 20th at the National Assembly Chambers.

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