Youth Human Rights Project

HenryBrowne-2(ZIZ News) — A group of local young person’s has launched a project putting the spotlight on human rights.

The Youth for Human Rights Awareness Project is funded by UNESCO and will focus on creating awareness among the youths concerning the importance of their rights.

This will be done through a series of public relations activities as well as workshops, lectures and seminars.

During the project’s launching ceremony on Thursday morning, Director of the Youth Department in Nevis Zahnela Claxton said the project aims to prepare for the future by educating the youth on their human rights.

“Many youths are not educated about their human rights and as a result display a lack of consideration and respect for others and engage in deviant behaviour in its varying forms. The youth of St. Kitts and Nevis are taken to gangs and are considered to be ‘at-risk’, to violent crimes which deprive them of their fundamental human rights,” Ms. Claxton explained.

Featured Speaker, Dr. Henry Browne Q.C. spoke of the sanctity of human rights and noted that the high court will address any case where these rights may be infringed upon.

He said, “If any person alleges that any of these rights is being or is likely to be contravened in relation to him or in the person detained if any other persons alleges a contravention of human rights to the detained person then without prejudice to any other action with respect to the same matter and which is lawfully available, that other person may apply to the High Court for redress.”

One of the main objectives of The Local Youth for Human Rights Awareness Project is to establish a Federal Youth Human Rights Club.

Additionally, the project seeks to promote justice for those whose rights have been violated by advocating for them at court and through conflict mediation.

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