Youth seek to mentor youth through Summer Camp

Wricherly Gumbs
Wricherly Gumbs

(ZIZ)– Several young people are collaborating to host a summer camp for children from August 11th to 15th 2014.

Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Youth Extravaganza Explosion of Arts, Wricherley Gumbs, gave an overview of his group and explained the need for the summer camp.

“It’s basically a mentorship programme where we hope to, in a sense, build young people’s self confidence because we find that a lot of people today, it’s not that they’re not able to do certain things but they’re looking for somebody who could help them in a sense. They’re looking for avenues that they could display their talent so therefore, we use this as an opportunity for them to capitalise upon and also, in the process of building their self confidence, they get to, in a sense, explore an avenue which they choose,” he said.

Gumbs then explained the logistics of the camp.

“We have transportation organised which is indicated on the registration form so when you send your child, he or she would arrive at 9:00 and there would be transportation to take them back to their house at 4pm. The registration fee, the basic fee is $70 and this does not include our meal plan.  But if you want the meal plan which includes the transportation, the cost is $100 and under that plan, you get lunch from 12:00 to 1:00 and it still gives room for snack break, both in the morning and afternoon session,” he said.

Javaughn Deeble
Javaughn Deeble

is the CEO’s assistant and President of the Washington Archibald High School’s Student Government Association. He encouraged parents to register their children for the camp.

“I would recommend parents to send their children because it’s an opportunity for children to get a chance to learn different skills that would be helpful in the future. For example, if you choose art, you can learn different skills in drawing, different techniques and when you get older, you can pursue a career in art,” he said.

Youth Extravaganza Explosion of Arts operates under the slogan “Explore and Explode in Your Imagination.”

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