ZIZ Celebrates 50th Anniversary

ZIZ Newsroom…Sept. 15 2010, BASSETERRE – ZIZ Broadcasting Corporation is gearing up to celebrate its golden anniversary in grand style.

The corporation’s chairman, Peter Jenkins, said he is overwhelmed with the wide cross section of the society that has come on board with the planning.

He says the interesting thing about ZIZ’s fiftieth anniversary is that it concerns every citizen.

“It’s not only significant for me. This is a national event. It is significant for the nation of St.Kitts and Nevis to be able to celebrate 50 years of ZIZ radio. In the early days the communities were built around ZIZ. In fact there are persons who would tell you when they bought their radios they broke off the dial and left it on ZIZ and there are people today who still have that concept,” he said.

Jenkins is calling for the public’s support. He gave a rundown of some of the planned activities.

“We’re going to recognize all of those people who have made it possible for us to be around after 50 years. We’re going to be doing some forward thinking, some forward planning and we’re looking at activities that would improve the standard of our service delivery; and that is going to be a significant area of the 50th anniversary celebrations.”

All current and former ZIZ staff members as well as the public are invited to participate in the celebration.

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