ZIZ Continues to Facilitate Help for Dominica

(ZIZ News) – ZIZ Broadcasting Corporation, in its efforts to help facilitate help for Dominica, opened its airwaves this week to inform the public on how they too can help.

Jodi Peeler, Director of International and External Relations at Ross University in St. Kitts, and several of her colleagues are in Dominica to assist their sister campus there.

“The campus itself, that didn’t have any damage, just some flooding in the low areas. But really, they were very fortunate and they will reopen on Monday as planned. They were on semester break when this occurred. In fact, the entire Picard-Portsmouth areas have had minimal damage in comparison to much of the island itself,” she explained.

Meanwhile, here on St. Kitts, Reverend Hilton Joseph of the Moravian Church said his congregation is doing its bit in the relief efforts.

“On Saturday, we were able to start the process by sending out letters to all our congregations here in St. Kitts. We went on a food drive. So we’ve asked our congregations to put together non-perishable items. So since Sunday, items have been pouring into our office here,” Reverend Joseph stated.

Items can still be dropped off at the Moravian Church’s office at the top of Victoria Road, between 9am and 5pm for the remainder of the week and on Saturday, up to 12 noon. Items can also be taken to the Moravian congregations around the island.

Meanwhile, Beverly Labadie, Public Relations Officer of the Dominica Association in St. Kitts, expressed heartfelt sympathies to all Dominicans here and at home.

She said, “I would like to extend our heartfelt sympathies to those who lost their families, relatives, and loved ones. We are heartbroken. Many of us shed tears when we saw the devastation in the pictures and videos on social media. It really broke our hearts. But we know by God’s grace we are confident that we will rise from this a more united and resilient people. So our thoughts and prayers are continuously with all of them back and pray for God’s strength in the journey ahead.”

Items can still be dropped off at Ram’s Duty Free on Port Zante.

A second boat leaves for Dominica on Monday.

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