ZIZ kept residents informed and up to date during TS Gonzalo

(ZIZ News) — The national broadcasting corporation of St. Kitts-Nevis again lived up to its reputation of informing and educating the public.

ZBC provided extensive coverage of tropical storm Gonzalo which passed near St. Kitts-Nevis early on Monday afternoon.

The company’s General Manager, Clement O’Garro, explained the coverage provided on Monday.

“One of the things that we did is we kind of changed up the format of our morning show to where we were giving updates not only for government offices and schools but also individual businesses and private schools as well for people not to venture out into the unknown and coming to work when they don’t need to. We provided weather updates as well from here locally and also from the met office in Antigua as well, via their online service.”

According to O’Garro, the radio line-up was interactive with several radio personalities in the studio who provided a calm atmosphere for listeners.

Meantime, members of ZBC’s production team were on the road capturing images and video footage of the storm.

“We had a crew as well that went out on the road to chronicle any kind of damage whatsoever. Thank God the damage seemed to be very minimal and of course the pictures are all on our Facebook page for folks who want to take a look and see what happened because we covered the entire island as well.”

ZIZ’s regular programming resumed following the passage of tropical storm Gonzalo.

“I think once we got the report that the storm, or the major portions of it had stayed away from the Leeward Islands including St. Kitts-Nevis, I think we breathed a sigh of relief and we went back to our regular programming for most of the day but of course still with important updates for anything that was remaining from tropical storm, now hurricane Gonzalo.”

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