ZIZ, Leaving No Business Behind

(ZIZ News) — As the Federation’s sole rights holder to broadcast the upcoming Caribbean Premier League matches, ZIZ Broadcasting Corporation is giving local businesses a chance to get on board and promote themselves through the international event.

Marketing Manager, Cherryl Ward says the company has taken an approach that would leave no business behind.

“If your business is small, if it’s large, if it’s halfway between, we try to make a package that is suitable for you and that would, of course, cater to your budget. So we say to our clients, ‘Come in’, and if you feel that CPL is a big thing, because every year CPL is getting bigger and bigger so some people might feel that they’re too small or their budget is too small for CPL, we’re asking them to come in and see us and we will work something out,” Ward said.

ZIZ is also reaching out to the smaller village businesses and companies in Nevis.

“We’ve been trying to integrate Nevis a little bit more into our programming with our news, of course. And so we’re hoping to get some new clients out of Nevis. We’ve been calling clients in Nevis…we should be visiting Nevis as well, as well as going into the countryside to get those little mom and pops to integrate as well. So it’s a party for all. It’s the biggest sports party in the Caribbean right now and we want everyone, all businesses, to feel a part of the action,” she said.

Interested persons can call ZIZ’s Marketing Department at 869-465-2621, for more information.

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