ZIZ Radio and Television help to share the joy of Christmas

ZIZ News…Dec 25 2010 – The joy of Christmas and the love that it brings to all were spread far and near as ZIZ Radio and Television provided an avenue for nationals and locals alike to extend greetings to families and friends.

Christmas Day is a reminder of God’s greatest gift to mankind, his Son, Jesus Christ.

Many persons took the opportunity to call in to the Radio Station throughout the day from very early this morning to bring greetings to their loved ones and close friends while those abroad recorded their messages for Television which was also aired throughout the day.

And as usual each year ZIZ Radio join one of the churches for the live broadcast of the midnight mass where many persons usher in Christmas day and exchange greetings. This year the Co-Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception hosted the midnight mass.

The message of Christmas is and will always be about Jesus, but it’s applied in different ways depending on the needs people have each year.

The Management of ZIZ Broadcasting Corporation and the Board of Directors join in wishing each and everyone a happy Christmas and success in the New Year.

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