ZIZ Radio at 50: A remarkable achievement for the Federation of St Kitts and Nevis

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ZIZ News…March 5, 2011 – On Sunday, the 5th March 1961 ZIZ Radio came into been when Administrator Lieutenant Colonel H.A.C. Howard opened the proceedings and the Hon. F.T. Williams handed the keys to the then Chief Minister the late C.A. Paul Southwell whose idea it was to start a public Broadcasting entity in St. Kitts and Nevis.

In 1955, when the idea of a Radio Station in St. Kitts was first discussed, conditions were promising for a positive outcome. The project became a favourite one of C.A. Paul Southwell, then Minister of Communications and Works, who devoted a great deal of time and effort to it.

Today Saturday on the 50th anniversary of ZIZ radio those who have blazed the trail along with the current staff are marking this significant milestone with various programs on both Radio and Television.

A number of events have already been held including a church service, a Family Fun Day and Nevis Day leading up to this Golden Anniversary and will continue with a Calypso Competition, Song Competition and a Gospel Concert.

In 1960, Karney Osbourne was identified as the future Broadcasting and Public Relations Officer and sent to train in Canada and with the BBC in London. Initially the Colonial Development and Welfare Fund identified the sum of £16,000 for the establishment of a Public Service Broadcasting Service owned and operated by the Government and by 1959 the amount had been increased to £23,000.

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ZIZ Radio has kept abreast with technological changes over the past 50 years, introducing live streaming on the World Wide Web, accessible on mobile phones all around the world and has the ability to carry different programming on our AM and FM frequencies.

Acting General Manager of ZIZ Broadcasting Corporation Mr. Viere Galloway said ZiZ Radio has molded many of the past employees with some of them becoming well respected members of the community. Galloway further stated that he himself has benefitted tremendously from being part of this organization of which he has served for the better part of his life thus far. The General Manager assured listeners that the station will continue to strive for excellence and will do whatever he can to make sure it remain a model for other stations to follow.

The Board of Directors, Management and Staff of ZIZ Broadcasting Corporation will like to pay tribute to all those who have served and continue to serve this noble Broadcasting entity as we continue to be the Pulse, Proudly, Uniting, Leading and Entertaining making ZIZ Radio the number one Station not only in St. Kitts Nevis but in the Caribbean.

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