ZIZ Radio’s First Link-Up With Radio Taiwan International

Kinney ‘Kupid’ James

ZIZ News…May 11, 2012 — On Friday morning from 8:15 to 8:30 ZIZ radio made live contact with Radio Taiwan International for the first time.

The radio link up is hosted on the second Friday in each month on ZIZ radio where Radio deejay Kinney ‘Kupid’ James will chat with Gino Wong of Radio Taiwan International.

They will discuss various topics about the countries to identify similarities and differences.

For the inaugural radio link-up they spoke about population size and language.

Radio host Kinney ‘Kupid’ James says it is a great opportunity for cultural exchange.

“It’s a learning process. I urge listeners to tune in because we get to learn a lot and we do have diplomatic relationships with Taiwan so it’s great to be able to link up with them once in a while and learn about their culture and customs,” he said.

The topic scheduled for the next link-up on Friday 8th June is Sea Life. The general public is invited to tune in via 96.1 fm, zizonline.com, mobile.zizonline.com or english.rti.org.tw.

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