ZIZ’s Role in CPL

ClementOgarroFilePhotoB(ZIZ)– St. Kitts and Nevis’ National Media Outlet, ZIZ Broadcasting Corporation, has again stepped up to the challenge of ensuring that residents of the federation are privy to quality broadcasting. This with the continued coverage of Caribbean Premier League matches even as the tournament has moved to St. Kitts.

In an exclusive interview with ZIZ News, Company General Manager Clement O’Garro spoke of the need for the coverage.

“We are the official media rights holder here in St. Kitts for the CPL Games 2014 and it has gone pretty well. Of course you know purchasing rights cost alot of money and ZIZ has invested basically because of the fact we are the nation’s station, people demand this from us.”

O’Garro then gave a overview of the coverage to date.

“Everything so far has gone very well in terms of our television coverage. One thing I must say, there was the home games there was a delay in the games and that’s all due to the licensing agreement with guardian media in Trinidad where once the stadium is not filled to a certain capacity then there’s a delay in the games. However, the good news is that for the finals tickets are going so fast they are hoping that we would not have a delay for the games because the stadium would be full to capacity.”

Noting that the games were being aired on ZIZ Radio and Television, O’Garro then provided an update from the radio feed, highlighting that other Caribbean Islands were also benefiting from ZIZ’s coverage.

“In terms of radio now, not only are we broadcasting the live commentary on ZIZ 96.1FM, we’re also facilitating the guys from Grandslam media and in turn, the radio stations around the Caribbean and wherever CPL is carried is being picked up from ZIZ and we worked with Digicel and they produced the superior internet lines for us. We’ve not had any issues whatsoever in the CPL Games that were played in St. Kitts so far and we’re not expecting any so kudos to ZIZ and the staff and everybody, including Digicel who has made it possible for us to have such sterling service out of St. Kitts for CPL.”

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