ZIZ’s The Round Table Focuses on Breast Cancer

(ZIZ News) — Monday night’s edition of The Round Table on ZIZ Television put the spotlight on breast cancer.

During the two-hour show, host and ZBC General Manager, Clement O’garro tackled the topic, “Unmasking Breast Cancer” with Radiologist Dr. Mark Hodge, Nutritionist Latoya Matthew-Duncan and breast cancer survivor Carla Astaphan.

O’garro explained his decision to focus on breast cancer.

“It’s time to unmask breast cancer. It’s October and we’re usually celebrating breast cancer survival as opposed to mourning about so many things that have going on.”

In his opening remarks, Dr. Hodge defined breast cancer.

“Cancer is merely the abnormal growth of abnormal cells in a random haphazard manner that if left untreated would result in the death of the patient. With some cancers, we know what causes it. Unfortunately with breast cancer there is no known definite cause so therefore, we cannot prevent it. Once a lady has breasts, and in fact, in one of every 250 cases in a man, once the patient has breasts, they are at risk for breast cancer,” he explained.

Dr. Hodge said that although non-melanoma skin cancer is the most common form of cancer, breast cancer is still very prevalent, particularly in women.

“Breast cancer is the number one cancer throughout the world. In previous years, the number one cancer in the Caribbean was cervical cancer but with the advent of the pap smear which i’m sure most of the females in the audience will know about, we are able to detect abnormalities in the cervix before they even become cancer so the rate of cervical cancer has dropped. Unfortunately now, breast cancer is our most leading cancer.”

The next episode of ZIZ’s The Round Table takes place on Monday October 27th focusing on the topic, “Disability and the Community.”

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