6 Awarded on International Women’s Day

(ZIZ News) — 6 outstanding women were recognized at this year’s International Women’s Day Breakfast and Awards Ceremony for their work done in several key areas.

Jacqueline Lenora Browne and Merclyn Hughes were awarded in the area of Law Enforcement, Military and Rescue Services, Maureen Dickenson in the area of Science (including Medical Science), Cherryl Ward in the area of Media, Information and Communications Technology, Malvie James in Industry, and Raslyn Connor in the area of Agriculture And Agri-Business.

Minister of State with responsibility for Gender Affairs, Hon. Wendy Phipps encouraged the ladies to keep working to make certain that women take their rightful places in the Federation.

She said, “We have a collective and we have an individual responsibility to make the type of future for St. Kitts and Nevis happen with us. Not just in terms of women’s advancement and advocacy and running the risk of becoming ultra-feminist and forgetting that there is a role for men to play in human development because there is a role. We have to take it upon ourselves as individuals to see the type of St. Kitts and Nevis we want to have where women occupy their rightful places.”

Ten women in Nevis are also being recognized for excellent service in area of Community Development.

International Women’s Day 2016, was celebrated locally under the theme ‘Pledge For Parity’, which falls within the wider directive of United Nations (UN) women dubbed: ‘Planet 50-50 By 2030: Step It Up For Gender Equality’.”

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