All monies associated with Beacon Heights Housing Development accounted for says Social Security Minister

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Social Security Hon. Sam Condor

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, NOVEMBER 9TH 2011 (CUOPM) – All monies associated with the Social Security financed-Beacon Heights Housing Development are accounted for.

So says the Minister of National Security, Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Sam Condor.

“There is common agreement among all relevant committees, that all monies expended are accounted for; and that the Fund in general, remains solvent. We owe a debt of gratitude to the conscientious and hard working members of staff; and the Board in general,” said Minister Condor in a statement broadcast on ZIZ radio and Television.

Mr. Condor urged fellow citizens and all “not to be overly concerned or alarmed about the continuity of the Project and the benefits to be derived, which are expected to redound to the benefit of the entire Nation; and specifically, to the beneficiaries of the Fund.”

“We are reminded that we must be careful not to allow anyone to make us feel dissatisfied with real achievements. I remain grateful for the opportunity afforded, to serve my people and my country, in this capacity,” said Deputy Prime Minister Douglas.

He pointed out that matters for Governmental review/intervention are naturally discussed in Cabinet and the Annual Financial Report and Actuary Review are presented to Cabinet before they are tabled in the National Assembly.

Beacon Heights Housing Development

“It is my view that Government has over the years demonstrated that it possesses the courage, vision and integrity to preserve and prosper the Social Security Scheme. As I have said before, we are of the profound belief that we are stewards of a sacred trust; trustees of precious resources,” Deputy Prime Minister told the nation.

He gave an assurance of government’s determination to provide proper oversight, to keep working to improve the operations; and to strive conscientiously to keep the services efficient and effective, and free from waste and abuse.

“The Social Security Fund is a viable Fund that we all should be proud of today. We founded the Motto of the Social Security which is “Striving for Social Justice” and remain committed to the ideal,” said Minister Condor.

He said the Report concerning the Beacon Height Project and also the Financial Report for the year 2010 have been passed on for review/discussion at Cabinet Level and the Financial Report for 2010 is to be laid in the National Assembly at the next sitting.

Deputy Prime Minister Condor said the Actuary Review that will provide an in-depth analysis of the standing of the Fund is taking place.

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