CARPHA & CARIRI to Return to St. Kitts

HonNigelCartyHeadshotBZIZ News — Extensive work continues at the Basseterre High School [BHS] to meet the recommendations set out by the Caribbean Public Health Agency [CARPHA] and the Caribbean Industrial Research Institute [CARIRI] to ensure the health and safety of students and staff.

To date, outlets over the sinks have been sealed and paint odour is being removed at the Biology lab, the sewage system at the western campus has gone through a blue flush test and was reported negative for seepage, and water-damaged books in the Integrated Science Lab have been discarded.

One major concern outlined by both institutions is the miscommunication and bad publicity that has been circulated about the school.

However, during Monday’s sitting of the National Assembly, Minister of Education, Hon. Nigel Carty said the recommendation has since been addressed.

“One of the things I believe that we have successfully done upon the recommendation of CARPHA and CARIRI is to avoid the miscommunication; is to avoid the attempt of miscommunication in relation to the Basseterre High School. Therefore, we have brought all stakeholders on board; we have met with parents, teachers, Teachers’ Union, Ministry of Health, Public Works we have met with all of those stakeholders and we have agreed to work hand in hand; we have agreed to work hand in hand with all the stakeholders.”

He said the stakeholders continue to meet on a regular basis and have since agreed upon a future communication plan on the Basseterre High School issue.

“I believe, Mr. Speaker, that we are on the right track. In fact, only Friday of last week, August the 15th, we were able, as a group of stakeholders, to agree on a plan of communication that in the first place will ask the Teachers’ Union to draft and which has subsequently received input from the various Ministries and stakeholders around the table and last week Friday we agreed on that communication plan. And part of that communication plan is to avoid the miscommunication by all stakeholders…avoid, prevent the miscommunication.”

Minister Carty also disclosed during parliament that CARPHA and CARIRI officials will return to St. Kitts on Tuesday [August 19th].

“Although we have made the determination that CARPHA would lead in the investigation, there are two recommendations which require the expertise of CARIRI to assist us in moving forward. And so, I believe Mr. Speaker, when CARPHA comes and when CARIRI comes, we would have all the stakeholders: the Teachers’ Union, the parents-teachers association, officials from the Ministry of Health and of Education and Public Works onboard together, working with CARPHA and CARIRI to ensure that the issues which exist can be dealt with in a constructive way that is of benefit to students and teachers and the community, the general community of St. Kitts and Nevis.”

The Education Minister said the CXC results have come in and reported that the Basseterre High School returned some of the highest scores within the Federation despite all that transpired there.

Minister Carty will make his annual CXC results address later this week.

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