CFBC hosts Career Fair and Open Day

(ZIZ News) — Businesses and universities set up booths at the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College on Thursday to inform students and interested persons of opportunities available to them.

Students moved from booth to booth gathering information that will shape their future.

In speaking with ZIZ, Director of Student Services at CFBC Samantha Fox said the career fair was organized with two main goals in mind.

“We want our students to be exposed to the companies in terms of getting internships and some of them have even gotten fulltime employment from this very career fair in the past…(we also want) to expose students in the federation to the programmes that CFBC has to offer from the 5 divisions,” she said.

Minister of Education Hon. Shawn Richards visited several booths and stated his satisfaction that a diverse group of young people is able to benefit.

He said, “The career fair has been going quite well thus far. What I’m extremely pleased about is that it is not just catering to persons here at CFBC. You have students here from Nevis, and apart from the students from Nevis, you have students from the different high schools; not just 5th form students but students in other forms and grades.”

Fox said the college intends to continue hosting the career fair annually.

“It sort of is an annual event, we did it last year and it has been done in the past but this is the first time it’s been done consecutively. So it will continue going forward,” she said.

The Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College Career Fair and Open Day started at 9am and ended at 6pm.

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