Charities for Beefy’s Bash Say Thanks

(ZIZ)– The three local charities set to benefit from Tuesday’s All-Star Charity T20 Cricket Match have expressed thanks to the organizers.

In an interview with ZIZ News at Monday’s CPL Press Conference, President of the St. Kitts-Nevis Association for Persons with Disabilities, Anthony Mills said the donation will help the group with its current activities.

“As a non profit, we depend on donations to do the work that we do and currently we have a computer training programme going on so it would help us a lot in carrying out all the services that we try to provide,” he said.

Clarice Cotton, Chairperson of the St. Kitts Special Olympics Board, said the donations will help to improve Special Olympics in the federation.

She noted, “This donation will also help us to improve Special Olympics on the island because as I said there are year round sports training, so we need equipment to train our athletes, we need to provide training for coaches, we need to provide capacity building for the board members so that we always have people who are there to speak up for Special Olympics and be advocates for our athletes.”

Meanwhile, Lauston Percival, President of Operation Future, said the funds will be used to purchase equipment for the schools and the communities.

“One of the things that I know definitely these funds will assist us in doing is purchasing some of the equipment we will need to continue our work in the schools and the communities,” he said. “I felt real great knowing that persons who don’t even live here, who don’t even know what Operation Future is about readily came onboard and they’re going to do their match and some of the proceeds will be going to Operation Future. It’s real great for me and I must express big thanks to the CPL group and also the celebrities who will be facing off tomorrow.”

Piers Morgan, CNN Television Personality and captain of a team for the All-Star match said that the match will help to promote St. Kitts on the international scene.

“I think we all feel it’s a great chance to have fun and be part of this amazing week with the T20 tournament which has been, and it’s the first time I’ve seen it and I’ve spent the last two days in the VIP area with that great guy Arthur…watching batsmen and fielding and bowling that I haven’t seen in a long time. It’s been an incredible tournament but to do that and raise a lot of money for charity in St. Kitts and to promote St. Kitts around the world we all feel it’s a great thing to do; it’s a good thing to be here; it’s just fun; it’s the best place in the world to watch and play cricket.”

The charities each received tickets for Tuesday’s game.

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