Crime Reduction Town Hall Meeting

(ZIZ News) — Several former students of the Cayon High School have reunited to give back to their community, with a focus on reducing crime.

The group is called CHAMPS…Cayon High School Alumni Mentoring Programme for Students and on Tuesday the group held a town hall meeting focusing on crime reduction

Sandra Morton, a member of CHAMPS explained the goal of the group.

“As the name suggests it is synonymous with champions. And so we want to make our students champions and so we’ve decided to go into a mentorship where we and other alumni in the community where we’re going to take at-risk children and even children who aren’t at risk and see how we can help them,” she said.

Parliamentary Representative for Constituency Number 8, the Hon Eugene Hamilton noted that although crime statistics are on the decline, there is still a need for community groups to take action and praised CHAMPS for their efforts.

The featured speaker was Neals Chitan, an international high impact speaker, who presents strategies and concepts aimed at socially rebuilding individuals and communities.

The group says the meeting is the first in the series of community education programmes dealing with crime reduction.

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