Digicel Launches its Christmas Promotion

MarshaChatterjee-1(ZIZ News) — Digicel fans are in for another treat this Christmas season.

The telecommunications company on Thursday launched its 2014 Christmas promotion which will see five lucky winners of one thousand dollars or more each week.

In an interview with ZIZ News, Digicel’s Marketing Manager Marsha Chatterjee said every week there will be one winner of ec$10,000.

“We just concluded a promotion where we were giving away a thousand dollars every Friday to our customers in our Cashback promotion but for Christmas we are stepping it up. We are actually giving away, one thousand dollars every day, Mondays-Fridays. But guess what, on Wednesday that’s even more special. One lucky customer will win ten thousand dollars [$10,000],” Chatterjee said.

She explained the four ways customers can qualify for the promotion.

“If you’re a prepaid customer, you top up your Digicel phone with $25 or more and you automatically qualify for the following day’s draw. If you’re a post paid customer, you zero your bill. Simply pay your bill in full and you will be qualified all season long to win either $1,000 or $10,000. For all customers, you can purchase a new smart phone or activate a 4G data plan if you already have a Digicel smart phone…so four easy ways.”

According to Chatterjee, there will be eight grand prize winners at the end of the promotion on December 24th.

“The grand finals for Digicel’s Christmas promotion is Christmas Eve. So just in time for Christmas, eight lucky customers would be winning big. Three customers would be winning $10,000 and five customers winning $1,000. So the grand finals will take place on Christmas Eve at the heart of The Circus in front of our Digicel store, so come on out, make sure that you qualify and good luck to you in winning.”

The weekly Digicel winners will be announced nightly during ZIZ Television’s nightly news.

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