Dr. Drew Endorsed by Antiguan Minister

TerranceDrew+MichaelBrowne-1(ZIZ News) — The St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party Candidate for constituency number eight, Dr. Terrence Drew continues to be touted as the right man to represent the people.

The Dr. Drew’s latest endorsement came from the Minister of Education in Antigua and Barbuda, Hon. Michael Browne who attended the official opening of the Constituency Office in St. Peter’s on Saturday.

Minister Browne’s presence at the ceremony was a show of solidarity between the Antigua/Barbuda Labour Party and the St. Kitts/Nevis Labour Party.

“I came to endorse this man because when I hear this man talk, the man talks from his belly; the man talks from his belly because he feels the pain, he feel the pain! He has been there, he has done it and he is going places,” Browne stated.

Minister Browne said he was endorsing Dr. Drew fully because the Labour Party candidate fully understands the needs of the people.

He said, “You need to lead from the front and how are you going to lead from the front? You need a man who is already leading from the front. A man that goes out there and touch flesh with everybody, a man who goes out there and understands the needs of the community.”

“I didn’t come here by chance; I didn’t come here by chance. For the last three weeks I’ve been living on the road trying to raise funds for my country but when this man called and he said ‘Will’, he didn’t have to finish. I said ‘It would be an honour’, it will be an honour! I met the man, I followed the man, and I understand the man’s passion.”

In May this year, Dr. Drew attended the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party’s Annual Convention where he expressed the SKNLP’s full support of its sister party.

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