Drafting a Regional Quality Infrastructure

ZIZ News — As part of an initiative to develop a draft policy for standards within the Federation, The St. Kitts Nevis Bureau of Standards, on Wednesday, hosted consultation with stakeholders to discuss what standards are beneficial to the nation.

Director of the St. Kitts Nevis Bureau of Standards, Hiram Williams said in order for countries to be competitive consumers must have confidence in the consistent supply of products and services.

“As a response to the high demand being placed on the quality infrastructure of the countries in the region a draft regional quality infrastructure policy, that will be discussed today, was developed to address several issues with respect to strengthening the existing quality infrastructure,” he said.

The Bureau of Standards is working with the Caribbean Regional Organization Of Standards and Quality (CROSQ) to develop this policy.

CROSQ Technical Standards Officer, Fulgence St. Prix, said the exercise would lay the foundation toward developing regional quality infrastructure.

“Today you are being asked for your input into setting this foundation so that at the end of the day we would have the main stakeholders in setting the policy as well as gaining acceptance and buying into the process. The success of this activity is actually dependent on you, the stakeholders, the users of the quality infrastructure”

He said the policy is intended to give some direction to both the National Standards Bureau in the development of their quality policy as well as a regional focus.

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