Essence of Hope Activities

PamelaArmstrong-1(ZIZ News) — October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and local support groups are staging several activities in commemoration.

ZIZ News spoke with Pamela Armstrong, the Founder of Essence of Hope Breast Cancer Foundation about the importance of staging awareness activities.

“This is the month that we all know as International Breast Cancer Awareness Month and that’s when the public open their eyes, open their hearts, every part of them and be generous in giving, supporting…so that is one of the things that we look forward for the month of October, you know, the general public being generous and also taking the time out to listen and learn a lot about breast cancer,” she said.

Armstrong also outlined the significance behind the theme “Unmasking Breast Cancer”.

“Just as it says, ‘unmasking’, we are pulling the mask off of it. We want to let the public know that, yes, this is a terrible disease. It’s not a death sentence but it is a terrible disease and we need you to know the facts, the importance of being aware that breast cancer is real.”

She encouraged every woman to get a mammogram when they turn forty and reminded the general public to take part in the list of events planned for this month.

These include a church service, a bingo night, and a Pink Carpet Gala at the St. Kitts Marriott Resort.

Have a look at the full calendar of activities.

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