Former Health Minister says Health Care Equipment is being Neglected

HensleyDaniel-2(ZIZ News) — Nevis’ Former Health Minister, Hensley Daniel, maintains that the Nevis Reformation Party [NRP] did a lot to ensure Nevisians benefit from adequate health care.

Speaking during a recent town hall meeting in Bath Village, Daniel said equipment purchased by his Administration is being neglected by the current Concerned Citizens Movement led-Nevis Island Administration.

“Brothers and sisters, we put a unit up there for Dr. Thwaites and his team to deal with all the men who have prostate trouble. It’s still not operational. It’s up there closed down too. It’s $400,000 that cost us. $400,000 that cost us, sitting down up there in the hospital. We need to put boots on the ground over those matters,” he said.

Daniel also called on Nevisians to demonstrate their dissatisfaction with the execution of health care on the island.

“On one hand, you have the Dialysis Unit and on the other hand, you have the Cystoscopy. So brothers and sisters, your government, your NRP government spent those monies to ensure that you the people of Nevis could benefit. You don’t have to go out of the country all the time,” he said.

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