Harris admits agriculture was at a standstill under his watch

(ZIZ)– Two politicians who were dismissed from their political parties, the Honourable Dr. Timothy Harris and Michael Powell on Tuesday discussed plans for their newest political movement, Team Unity.

Both Powell and Harris were guests on Sugar City Fm’s Changing Times.

Among the topics discussed was the progress of agriculture in St. Kitts-Nevis as Dr. Harris is blaming the St.Kitts Nevis Labour Party led government of not hearing his cries to develop agriculture.

“That is why when I was there I kept saying year after year the budget for agriculture is inadequate, agriculture needed more support and that most of the money that was put there, 99 percent of it was to pay staff. Then how you gonna get the infrastructure? How you gonna get the shade houses on the farms? How you gonna get the water dams,” he said.

Despite freely admitting that much progress was not made in agriculture under his watch, Dr. Harris is calling on Kittitians to support him and his team as they seek to govern the affairs of St. Kitts and Nevis.

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