Kittitian Hill endorses agriculture as a viable option

(ZIZ News) — With the continued implementation of its sustainability concept, Kittitian Hill is endorsing agriculture as a viable option.

According to the hotel’s public relations manager Johan Kelly, a major part of the philosophy of Kittitian Hill is using local resources to ensure that money made stays in the economy.

“We do not find that we need to be importing food when we have all of this resource right here on the island. So we want to try and continue to sensitize the public a little bit more and encourage the public to really go into farming as a viable option and to work with them,” she said.

“The more people we can get to see that we have this here at our disposal, this is a real thing—we must eat, we all need to eat; so if we can do a better job at feeding ourselves and keep the money circulating in this economy and not having to work so hard for it then let it go outside, I think it’s the best philosophy for all of us,” she added.

Kelly says Kittitian Hill works with local farmers and fishermen in both St. Kitts and Nevis.

“The local fishermen and the local farmers and even the ones that produce livestock—because we don’t have livestock on the farm—while we try to grow as much as we can, it’s not our idea to supply ourselves 100% because that does not allow us the opportunity to work with the local farmers if we sustain ourselves 100%. We love being able to work with the local farmers. We also work with people from Nevis so it’s not just St. Kitts, it’s within the Federation.”

Kittitian Hill’s Belmont Farm employs a “Farm To Table” concept where everything grown can be readily picked and eaten.

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